Monday, September 18, 2006

it's getting faster now, it's getting out of hand

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I've felt beat all damn day. It didn't help that I got like six hours of sleep, I suppose. I got home from work and made some dreadful fantasy football decisions, that ultimately cost me and, as such, I lost to Adam. It would have been down to the wire anyway, but my changing tight ends and Stallworth for Maroney cost me. Hats off to him for fielding a solid team and not being a dumbass and putting the wrong players in.

I need to shake it off, as my waiver movements this week paid off. I won't get into specifics, since those that know what I'm talking about can check it out for themselves and those that don't, really don't give a shit anyway. Ohh and congrats to Kev for a stunning come from behind victory. He may be a real contender.

What else? Ummm, instead of sitting around watching football all day I decided to go and do dinner with Trip. We ended up hitting Western Sizzlin. I don't regret that decision, but I both rue and lament it. After that we did Walmart, which was ok. I really hate Martinsville's Walmart, but am less put off by others. I think it's just the potential to run into people I know and don't want to talk to, or maybe it's just the aura of suck that permeates everything in Martinsville.

I haven't decided if I'm leaving the house tomorrow. I may just laze about, watching all the pregame hype for Steelers vs. Jaguars. I dunno. Sometimes it's good to do absolutely fuck all. Plus I should probably try and clean my room at some point, although I've intended to do that for several months now and found it difficult to get started.


NickVNC said...

Hey good pick up of Jerious Norwood, I didn't mean to release him. I had to get a TE because Heap was questionable. I immediatelly went in to reclaim him and of course so did you and you beat me on the waiver wire---so, good pick up. And stupid on my part---Vip

eric said...

Had to be done man. Warrick Dunn goes down and I'm boned. The waiver wire, she is a harsh mistress.