Thursday, September 14, 2006

Inbetween days

Now listening to: The Cure

So I did absolutely nothing today. Well, nothing of consequence. I sat in front of my computer and fiddled and watched some TV, which wasn't really that good aside from various sports talk programs that I watch regularly. I'd almost have been better off working... God, who am I?

I got kinda bored really, but didn't want to go out cause I'd just spend money I don't need to waste. So I sat here. I debated jumping back into Warcraft, but I know my leisure time will soon be in short supply again. Plus Netflix and Warcraft is a bit much. It may not be too bad once my work week goes back to four days, but that appears to be a far off proposition.

I tried to watch Woody Allen's Match Point but what was going on seemed so remote from my existence it lost my attention. That's not to say it was bad, I mean come on, it's Woody Allen. Plus Scarlett Johanssen is simply breathtaking. Even with all that going for it, I just couldn't relate. A guy with two beautiful women wanting him, living the life of the elite. It was too far for me to go. This has more to do with my current low grade depression than the movie.

I really love the Cure's Head on the Door album. There was a point where I would have said hands down that Disentegration was the best they had ever done. I still think it's a work of pure genius, but it's hard to put in. It's soo depressive that it just sends a black wave over me and I can't deal. Head on the Door has the same flavor, but without the mind-altering despair and has worked it's way into my heavy rotation of late.

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