Monday, September 04, 2006

I shall be free

I'm tired, which shouldn't surprise anyone. Work blows, especially when there is so much of it. Also the fact that Ben Roethlisberger is sidelined once again has worked me into a state of annoyance. The man survives a potentially fatal motorcycle accident and is back to work on time and looking sharp. Then comes along a rogue appendix and sidelines him for at least the season opener. Can he catch a break? I'm betting it was an evil Dolphins fan who knew they didn't have a chance of winning against a fully operational Steelers squad.

Moving away from football talk (which is getting harder as the season grows closer and my obsession reaches its peak before culmination... that sounds a lot dirtier than it should), my drive home this morning was less than fun. Once again a reckless mail truck blew by me halfway home. This is a regular thing on Mondays now, but it was made worse by the fact that it was pouring down rain at the time. Nothing like an early morning drive through a torrential downpour with a two ton truck pushing you down the road.

What else do I have to cover? Hmmm... ohh yeah, I LOVE being a cell phone owner. It's just awesome. Really the phone part is the least of it, especially since I'm pathetic and not many people call me. But yeah, between the internet (which I did ultimately sign up for), the games and the clock it's perfect. I'm gonna have to research which cell phone games are worth getting, but so far Lumines is awesome. It's like Tetris for the 21st century.


NickVNC said...

Dude, sorry about Ben...I want my boys to beat your boys at their full strength...I know it sucks...but hopefully he will be back quick...-later

eric said...

I hope this isn't an indication of how things are gonna be this year. I think Adam and I are gonna watch the game Thursday in Roanoke, you're welcome to come up. Although I know it's a haul.