Friday, September 29, 2006

So sayeth the lord "Don't be a dick."

So Adam and I met for a late dinner last night at IHOP. As usual, the food was substandard, but it was good to hang out. We talked for a long time. We had a nice discussion about his Christianity vs. my skepticism. Nothing offensive, just trying to explain how we see things and get a handle on the other's view. Good times.

I do think Adam was half amused and half appalled when I consolidated all of Christ's ethical teachings down into one sentence. "Don't be a dick." But come on, it does sum it all up, more or less. Anyway I had a good time chatting it up.

Tonight was significantly less enjoyable. As I neared Roanoke, the clouds grew dark and I was deluged for the final few miles. Then at work I was supposed to be training this girl and it just didn't really suit me. I was put off for most of the night, really. I get to do it again tomorrow too probably and I'm not looking forward to it.

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