Monday, October 02, 2006

I'll get the astronaut ice cream

Now listening to: Puccini's La Boheme

So I'm trying out some opera. It's not bad, although I don't see it become a passion of mine or anything. But I always like to try something new on for size.

Anyway, on to what's really important: The Surly Caribou rumbled to a win over Kevin's Heaven's Own team this weekend. I got excellent production across the board (cept for my damned kicker, I can't buy a break there) and posted big numbers. It's very exciting after getting demolished last week. Hopefully my guys are gonna get it together now.

Also I got to hang with Gabe, Kelly and Cameron, which was cool. I admit that I am genetically biased toward my nephew, but he's pretty cool. He's always smiling and having a good time. Friggin adorable, and I don't even like kids. Tho for some reason most of the ones I deal with seem to dig me.

After they left I hooked up with Trip and he and I had dinner. We then watched some adult swim and, what?, football. Got so see the Bears wreak havoc on Seattle.

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