Wednesday, October 25, 2006

He has a condo made of stone-a

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Today was one of those days, where no matter what you do it seems like you're behind. I got up and walked, then had to scramble to get ready. It didn't help that I took way too much time talking on the phone. I have a tendency to put off leaving for work, since, of course, I don't really want to go. Once arriving at my place of business (and talking a teeny bit of smack to Kevin) I found out that we had computer issues and I was starting in the hole. At 8:30 I finally got done with the stuff I normally have finished at 6:30 and then addressed the other crap that was backed up. It was a struggle.

Let's see, what's new for me... I watched The Seventh Seal, which was amazing (filet mignon). If you like deep existential movies about death, the existence of god and plague-ridden Europe, it's the film for you. Ingmar Bergman put together some amazing scenes and dialogue. I love movies with Death as a character anyway. Also, it is the film debut of Max von Sydow, who I have loved ever since first seeing Strange Brew.

I also finished The Pleasure of My Company, which is Steve Martin's second book. Yes, the wild and crazy guy Steve Martin. It's pretty good (foot massage). It's about an OCD suffering guy, who's trying to find love. Martin does a good job of infusing the book with real moments and a nice dry humor. I'm amazed by how talented this guy is, it's pretty amazing.

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