Tuesday, October 17, 2006

She wasn't all that strict of a Christian

Man I'm pissed that I didn't watch Monday Night Football. The Bears drop a magnificent comeback with the defense (which is the engine that my fantasy team runs on) and I miss it. Arg. Oh well, Trip and I had a good time hanging out at least, although I thought he was gonna flip the script when he found out that Adelphia had screwed up his High Def channels and his shows didn't record right. No Heroes for him or me for that matter.

We grabbed some shrimp and then did some shopping. I bought a sweater that was on sale. I was trying things on in the store and realized I wasn't gonna like how anything I put on looked because I don't like what's underneath it. I gotta get it together and lose some weight. It's hard with my schedule tho... Bah, I'm boned.

Got the new Hold Steady album and it's awesome. The Springsteen flavor has been upped somewhat. It's really good. I've listened to it three times already tonight and starting on a fourth.

I do not want to head back to work tommorrow, seems like I just left that place. Sucks.

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