Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The fleshy cheek of the mommy and daddy dance

So yeah, I've spent my time off this weekend dividing my time between lamenting my football teams fates and watching movies. Both the Steelers and the Caribou were bested this weekend. Sad times indeed.

On to the movie watching. I started things off with a documentary on heavy metal music called Metal. It was pretty good. Entertaining and informative as a general overview of metal and the questions surrounding the music. The interviews with the satanic Norweigian black metal guys were the best. I also watched Day of the Dead, which is another George Romero zombie flick from 1985. Pretty good, but not the best (+1 chainmail). Hard to top Dawn of the Dead.

Tonight Trip and I hit Danville, scarfed some wings and saw Saw 3. It was ok (+1 chainmail), but not as good as Saw 2, which was my fav (foot massage). I dunno, the traps seemed less interesting. Hard to get into why it was less intriguing without giving away the "twists."

Anyway I have to work overnights all week and am more than a little beat at that thought. Gonna be a long damn week. I think I may get a jumpstart on sleep soon as I am beat. Good night.

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