Thursday, October 19, 2006

Please don't declare me an enemy combatant

Now listening to: Xiu Xiu

Work wasn't that bad tonight. I stayed busy and it moved pretty quick. That's always a good thing. Just three more days until the weekend... yesh. Ohh and it's race weekend, which means I can't leave the house Sunday even if I wanted. Good thing I'll be captivated by the NFL. Here's hoping it's not gonna rain all weekend and we can get the race tards gone ASAP.

So this Xiu Xiu is hauntingly beautiful and abstract. Odd instrumentation and minimalist at times, but it can also wander into the odd dance track, well an unusual dance track, but a dance track nonetheless. It's got a noise component that makes it tough to get into for some, but I love it.

I watched Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead last night, which was an odd adaptation of Hamlet that I may have read in high school. The movie starred Gary Oldman and Tim Roth and had Richard Dreyfus supporting, so you know it was well acted. Still, the story was clearly intended for the stage and the transition to film wasn't altogether successful. Had some great word play tho. I'd rate it +1 chainmail, but you have to be in the right mood for it.

I intend to dive wholeheartedly from the depths of the Shakespearian into the incredibly shallow waters of The Dukes of Hazard tonight. Putting my brain in park in preparation.

Ohh before I shift into brain numbing comedy I do have one political note to add. I'm afraid. George W. Bush now has despotic powers granted by Congress. Keith Olberman went on a tirade about it tonight and I agree with him 100%. I want my habeus corpus. It's this type of move against personal freedoms, made entirely out of fear, that make me think the terrorists are winning. If they do "hate our freedom" (as W. so ineloquently puts it) then we're going out of our way to accomodate them by getting rid of it.

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