Friday, October 13, 2006

Time has told me

I have a headache and am soon for going to bed and trying to sleep it off. In the meantime, I am listening to some Nick Drake and trying to soothe it away. Five Leaves Left is a great album if you can dig the whole depressive folky vibe.

Work was the usual tonight, periods of slackness punctuated by moments of panic. Sometimes I'm amazed things get broadcast at all. Word on the street is that they are trying to hire someone who has worked there before, so the training period could be short and I could get back to my three day weekend. I'll believe it when I see it. Also I'll miss the overtime pay, although I really could use some more time to myself.

Tonight I watched my first Ingmar Bergman film, Wild Strawberries. It's about an old man, looking back on his life and realizing some of the mistakes he's made. Some dream sequences and whatnot. Aside from the theme of the movie, the thing that struck me most was the absolutely gorgeous women in the movie. I know, hot women in movies is as old as the medium itself, but there was something that captivated me with all of the women in the movie. Some quirk of their character that forced me to love them, not just because they were lovely, but because they had some kind of depth. I need to find more women with depth, all the ones I do know are either married or have managed to move far away from me.

I think I'll stop there before I start to wallow in self pity.

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