Thursday, October 05, 2006

I wanna be a bear

Now listening to: The Descendents

So it seems I only thought I hated baseball before, now I really do. Well that's not entirely true, I had plenty of reason to hate it working at the Bulletin. Sadly I have a new reason to hate it, as the dreaded national pasttime has intruded into my professional life once again. I will be forced to run most of a double header on Saturday of the god awful baseball playoffs. Those games move slower than an octogenarian's colon and are not quite as entertaining to watch.

In other new, I watched Manhattan the other day. Gotta love Woody Allen. This wasn't my favorite of his movies, (hard to not say Annie Hall as my fav., which is the standard answer, but it's really good), but it was still good. Gotta get more. I also watched Jules and Jim, which is more of the French New Wave courteousy of Truffant. It was involving and had some deep relationships, a la a love triangle. Up next in my watching schedule: Lady Vengeance, the final part of Chan Wook Park's revenge trilogy. Gogo subtitles!

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