Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Extreme makeover

Well it's obvious that I have been tinkering around here. Got some new options for variety so I thought I'd try em out. I'm not sure how if I like the new color scheme, but it'll have to do for a bit, as I'm tired of fiddling with it for now. The biggest problem I have now is that the yellow I was using to show what I was listening to as I posted is unreadable on the new main background color. I'm way too lazy to change all of those old posts, so my advice is to highlight it if you feel the need to browse the archives.

Trip and I went to Greensboro for some shopping yesterday and we had a pretty good time. I didn't go overboard money wise, which is always a plus. I did buy Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job and read it in it's entirety last night. I had planned to wait for paperback, but after some soul searching I decided I wanted a first edition copy. It's really good, Filet mignon with upward mobility. Hmmm not sure if that color works, but it will have to do.

The only trouble I really had all day was the fact that I ordered a calzone and it was loaded with black olives. I originally asked for it without them, but they had a premixed thing they used, so it was get olives or change my order. I didn't feel like changing and thought that since they were a minor part of the meal I'd be ok. What I forgot is that it only takes one black olive in the thing to make every bite taste like the foul little turds of Satan.

Later on Trip and I hit Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream.I got a yummy banana ice cream/peanut butter cup mix, while Trip went for a banana ice cream/chocolate syrup/brownie shake. While there I offered Trip a taste of mine (Yes, we're an old gay couple, leave us alone) and he reminded me he hates peanut butter. What makes this odd is that he does, in fact, enjoy peanuts. I marveled over this absurd idiosyncracy and prodded him further to admit that when he eats peanuts eh doesn't chew them up a lot to keep them from getting the butter consistency. Not just weird, also a choking hazard.

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