Tuesday, January 09, 2007

goofy grin moments and otherwise

Now listening to: Jawbreaker

So I've been supremely slack today. Which was pleasant. Watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie again. It's pretty good. Worth a rewatch. I also played a bunch of WoW. Yes I'm back on the Warcraft. But I can control it this time. I'm just prepping for the new expansion, which will be out in a week. I'm looking forward to it, although I may wait a week or two to pick it up, just to bolster my finances a bit.

What else is new... hmm... I met my cousin Mike and his friend Wai for breakfast on Saturday morning, which was cool. Hope to hang with him again soon. Sunday I watched Over the Hedge and hung with Jill. Think that's about it. I've been keeping a pretty low profile.

I may watch another movie now, perhaps Chinatown or the Chumscrubber. Or perhaps I'll try to finish reading my book, Mappa Mundi.


Anonymous said...

You're still gay.

; )

Y. said...

I saw "Chumscrubber" on Friday - I will be interested in hearing your review.