Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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Enjoying some tasty corndogs and thought I'd actually post something. I know I've been slack, but I've been staying busy. Yes, mostly with WoW, but whatever. It's my party and I'll blog when I want to.

Let's see, what else have I been doing besides poping and warlocking? I watched Chinatown and, while it was ok, I didn't really get the monumental impression from it that everyone goes on about. I know it's hard to recognize the greatness of a film from a different age, but it moved really slowly. Of course, that's the case with a lot of movies from the 70s. I'm saying Meh., in spite of how awesome Jack Nicholson is and the general concensus.

I watched The Illusionist, which I thought was pretty good. I saw the twist it was going to take, but enjoyed it nonetheless. How good are Paul Giammatti and Ed Norton? Foot massage worthy, undoubtedly.

Yesterday Trip and I watched Jackass: Number 2. Now I know this is not high brow humor and I'm supposed to look down upon it, but man, I nearly laughed my nuts off. I love it when those crazy bastards do dumb shit to hurt themselves or to put people they don't really know in uncomfortable situations. Also the deleted scene with the three-legged dog being asked to fetch something that looked like his missing leg made me nearly shit my pants it was so funny. I'm saying this is filet mignon, low brow or not.

Switching gears from inane stupidity to real world documentary, I watched Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion today, which is a film about Tibetan history and how China basically invaded, took over and is now effecting a genocide on Tibetans and their culture. This is something I know a little about, since I wrote my senior thesis on the subject and it's just tragic. We all know the Chinese government sucks at human rights, this being especially true to people that aren't really Chinese (aka Tibetan).

It was really disturbing hearing the stories of some of the protesters in Tibet speak about their experiences. For example, the Buddhist nun talking about the police putting a cattle prod in her vagina is disturbing in the extreme. But nothing is going to be done, because China's economic power throughout the world is too great and human rights mean little when money enters the equation.

I'm not gonna give this a rating because while the movie was good at doing what it wanted, what it wanted was to show me how awful things are there. It succeeded and I'm appalled.

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