Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Taking souls for the pleasure of it

So I'm living a digital life at the moment with The Burning Crusade (the Warcraft expansion) coming out today. I was at Walmart at midnight to pick it up with around 10 or so of my nerd brethren. There was also a pair of rednecks who couldn't wait until morning to pick up Gridiron Gang. They must worship at the church of The Rock.

But yeah, the expansion is everything a geek could want for the most part. My biggest problem is that everything is overflowing with people. It's massive carnage and you have to wait to kill the mobs you need. Pain in the ass. Ehh, whatcha gonna do. It'll die down in a week or two. Probably.

I did watch Talladega Nights while I played today and it wasn't bad. Not Will Ferrell's finest movie, but not bad. I'd say +1 chainmail. Now I must get back to warlocking.

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Anonymous said...

I do not understand a word of that ... are you speaking another language?? ;-) - Jill