Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Festival of meat: postponed

A new year is afoot and so far I'm vastly enjoying it. Spent New Year's Eve with Jill and Trip and that was fun. Today Trip and I went shopping and I could resist temptation no longer and bought an iPod. I went with the 30 gig one so I can keep a schload of stuff on there and suit my mood regardless of what it is.

I should still be saving money and paying off my credit card, but I've been pretty good. So I decided to reward myself (especially since I got a Xmas bonus.) It's pretty sweet. I've spent the evening organizing my music and putting stuff back onto my computer that I had burned to cd and taken off. Fun stuff, huh.

Shopping was fun today. Besides the iPod I picked up a new belt and some socks (exciting stuff, I know) and fought the urge to buy anything else. Trip and I had planned on going to this Brazilian restaurant where the bring huge slabs of meat by your table and saw off portions for you, all you can eat. Sadly our festival of meat was denied, as the place was locked down for the holiday. We went to this kickass chinese place instead, PF Chang's. Good stuff.

Ohh and the chick that sold me my iPod at CompUSA was a total stoner. She called me dude like 8 times and answered the phone "Yo!" twice while I was there. I asked he a question about the battery life and she had no idea what I was talking about. It would have been amusing, if it weren't so annoying.
I should probably be asleep now, as I haven't been getting too much of that lately. But I am getting better at this sleep deprivation thing. Or, at least, more accustomed to it.

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