Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Caring is creepy

So I went to visit my dad today. That was less than fun. He was in a pretty good mood when we got there, but was pissed we didn't take him with us. He's still out of it, but hopefully is showing signs of getting better. It was still stressful to leave him there all pissed off.

Anyway other than that I didn't do a lot. I tried ot get my oil changed, but the place was closing by the time I showed up. So I gotta go back tomorrow. I hooked up with Trip and we watched The Office, My Name is Earl and Kenny vs. Spenny. Ohh and How I Met Your Mother. The Office is soo freaking awesome. Actually all of those shows are awesome, although HIMYM is not as super awesome as it seemed early on. It's still very good, but not drool worthy. Maybe it has just been a slow couple of episodes.

I played a little WoW this evening and there are some lameass politics going on now with people there and that was irritating. It's just impossible to keep everyone happy and it can grate on you. Tomorrow I may hook it up online with Adam and get some Halo 2 in and maybe even some Madden.

Ohh and Paul Tagliabue has announced he's gonna be retiring in the near future. Sad really, he wa a good man. He had class and worried more about the good of the game than petty disputes. You gotta respect that. I hope the next one is cut from the same cloth.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't look that good already. There is already talk that the NFL needs to open its borders to the world & cater to them like baseball & hockey has. One of the very things I love about AMERICAN football is that it is just that, American. Paul Tag. was & is a genuine leader. I just hope they keep the roots here in the U.S.

One of the things I love about Rachel is that she knows alot. She is very familiar with football. And quite honestly, she's actually more informative about the minute facets of the sport. For instance we were watching the Centurions play the Sea Devils on the NFL Network. I noticed some names on the jerseys were familiar and "American". She told me that the NFL will actually sign a free agent and if they (the team) are unsure of the players strengths, they'll send'em to Europe to play out there. The only thing is that the European teams must keep at least one native European team member on the field at all times.

So still, the NFL cultivates its talent here in the good ol' US of A. I like the idea of football being cropped here within its borders. Baseball & hockey both, cater to the fanbase of the world. They thought it would bring it more popularity. They were wrong. Future NFL commish, let's not make the same horrid mistake.

Yours truly,