Monday, March 27, 2006

Head back to Chalkytown!

Been a busy weekend and I even get to work again tomorrow. Of course, the bright side is that I then get the next three days off. I'm gonna relish those. Although they won't be completely slack, as my dad is finally home from the hospital and needs some help moving around. It's not easy and I'm a pretty sucky nurse.

So I did something this weekend that I had never done before. I drove home from work and watched the sun come up. I've seen it come up on my way to work and watched it come up while I worked, but never finished work and saw it come up. I can't say it was my favorite thing, as I was about dog tired.

I watched Walk the Line (over the course of the last three days). It was pretty good, although it too followed the rough storyline of all those biopic films. Can't deny the acting and I understand why the actors wanted to sing the songs themselves. It adds a reality that you can't get any other way. Still, as good as they Phoenix and Witherspoon are, do they compare with the real thing? Not really. There is a reason Johnny Cash is a legend and it's cause his voice is inimitable.

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