Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Less than you think

It's been a busy week. Not only am I still working, but my dad was in a car accident on Tuesday night. He's in pretty bad shape and I'm a little bummed out, as you can imagine. He's in stable condition and seems likely to recover, as far as I know, but he's gonna have to face some serious physical therapy.

Anyway I don't really want to get into that too much, so I'll stick with everything else. Work is still going well. Today was my first day of really handling everything, without someone else there watching constantly and doing as much as he could get away with (he's a nice guy, but bored and I need to fuck up on my own so I can learn from my mistakes). But yeah, aside from a couple of gaffes I did ok.

I go to my regular shift starting Friday, so I can toss out this whole getting up early thing, which does not hurt my feelings in the least. After work tonight I made an escapist maneuver and went to hang out with Adam for a bit. He bought me dinner and showed me some apartments to consider in Roanoke. So that was cool. He's looking forward to me coming up and that's definitely cool. I wanna head there myself.

Anyway I'm beat and think I'm gonna try to go to sleep now. Maybe that way it won't seem like I wake up the instant my head hits the pillow.

Ohhhhh, my Jeep is finally ready, but I got home too late to go and pick it up. I may try to get up early enough (!!!) to go and get it. We'll see.

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