Tuesday, March 28, 2006

thick, like a mouthful of caramel

Just got in from my long ass drive and had some Cheetos and now it's blog time. I'm pretty damn glad about my three day weekend here. I'm about beat. I've been getting up early for one reason or another lately and I'm just wore down.

My drive home wasn't really that bad tonight tho. I started things off with this Japanese band Boris. I read that there sound is described as Sludge Metal. It's pretty cool. Thick sonic waves that hit with a thud and come together for a solid groove that makes you imagine hordes of fans headbanging in unison. Pretty sweet.

I kept the heavy tip flowing after Boris with some Clutch, who in my humble estimation are one of the great bands still together today. Thunderous metal riffs with southern rock and funk grooves thrown in for good measure. Also intelligent lyrics about unique and diverse topics, how you top that?

Anyway it's about time for me to go to bed, I'm drifting away at the keyboard.

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