Sunday, March 05, 2006

Year of E update: Reintroduction to society

You know I got the best friends on Earth. While my Jeep being in the shop has been a big pain in the ass, it has shown me how awesome my friends are. First Kevin and Courtney invite me into their home to stay with them so Kev can take me to work (at a job he basically got for me). I stay with them the whole damn week (because my mechanic is a douche) and it's all cool.

Actually it was fun. It was good to hang with Kevin all week and get a chance to kinda reconnect. Also it showed me why it might not be totally bad to have a kid, as I made some inroads with little Eve. She's cool. Of course, I'm still miles away from wanting kids of my own, but I'm making babysteps.

Anyway after a week I return home with the news my car is still in the shop and I'm out in the cold again. Kev and Courtney invited me back, which means I'm not completely screwed, but I feel guilty putting them back in that position again. Just then Trip swoops in for the save offering me his family's spare car. So I don't have to impose on the Plasters again and still have a ride to work. It's so sweet. Ohh and after that, Trip takes me out for sushi, what a guy.

These are just the most recent examples of how awesome my friends are. I love you people (as only my friends (and maybe a couple family members, although you guys fit into the same category) read this blog. I've always been pretty good at finding cool people to spend time with and it makes me feel like I've done something right to have friends like this out there. (You like how I turn my friends' awesomeness into a compliment for myself?) Thanks to all of you for being so fucking good to me.

So all's well in 2006, the Year of E. My new job is pretty sweet, actually. I still have some stuff to learn, but I think I'll be fine. My only concern is that my hours are gonna suck after I'm trained, but it's better than being a derelict any longer.

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