Monday, March 20, 2006

It seems your toliet was set to stun and not kill

Man it's been a busy week for me. Lots of tv that had to be watched and lots of road to burn up. But now I face a well deserved weekend, with which I intend to catch up on lots of crap I need to do. I also intend to relax some and spend time outside of my Jeep.

I shouldn't complain, it's not really that bad, although gas prices can suck my balls. Anyway on to brighter things... I had lunch with Adam and Rachel on Saturday and that was cool. Good time was had by all. Well I assume they had a good time I can't guarantee it. I was thinking about it on my way home tonight and honestly Adam and I shouldn't be friends. I mean he's a cop aka "The Man" and I'm pretty fucking anti-authoritarian. On top of that his conservative attitude is diametrically opposed to mine. Same thing with Nick really, that youth minister gig not really meshing well with my opposition to organized religion.

Of course, I'm really glad those guys are my friends. It keeps things interesting and I get to see things from a different viewpoint than my own and, oddly enough, they aren't always wrong. It helps that they aren't douche bags either. Goofs? Yes. Douche bags? No.

OK I'm gonna stop talking about how pleased I am with my friends before they get the wrong impression and think I'm not the surly bastard they are accustomed to.

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