Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kill for a thrill

Another evening of work in the books. I'm still considering this job a sinecure (look it up bitches, it'll do you good). If I didn't have to sit through Judge Mathis, Springer and Fear Factor it would be absolute bliss. As it is it's still very good and getting better. I learned tonight that I may be end up with three days a week off, which would kick sooo much ass. The jury is still out, but the prognosis is good for yours truly getting Tues., Wed. and Thurs. off. Cross your fingers.

So that's just one more reason why this job kicks the shit out of my job at the Bulletin. The others being that, so far, noone has treated me with contempt (which was a daily thing at the Bulletin), no deadline pressure, no interviewing people I loathe, no driving to and from sporting events for 20 cents a mile and no writing about shit I have absolutely no interest in.

The only thing I miss in the least is the creative outlet provided by covering things I'm interested in. Of course I'm still writing and I can count the stories I was really pleased about having published on my fingers and toes with some to spare. Yep, that's less than 20 in 6 years. Gotta love that editing machine that carves out any creativity it sees. OK, I'm done bitching about a job I haven't worked at in over a year.


NickVNC said...

An office or position that requires or involves little or no responsibility, work, or active service.


NickVNC said...

By the way here is why I am excited if we can get Daunte back and healthy.