Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Indulging minor obsessions

Last night was filled with digital plunder as I eviserated the competition in Halo 2 most of the night. Me, Trip, Mike and Adam hooked it up, with Danny in there early as well. Trip did manage to pull out the final game against me, bastard.

Anyway I am now prepping for my road trip. I need to refresh my cd case. Find some lively music for the drive home and whatnot.

Spent the afternoon reading football sites online. Damn Adam for keeping the gridiron fervor alive. It makes it seem like longer until both the draft and the opening of the season. On a related note, T.O. is headed to Dallas. Honestly I think this was a smart move for the Cowboys. He will be on his best behavior for a year and is gonna be amazing on the field, especially against Philly.

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