Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Flames of Icarus

A low key birthday for yours truly. Went to High Point and had dinner with Trip and his girl. Had a pretty good time. Got our TGIFriday's on, and they have some intriguing appetizers. We went with the fundido, which is both tasty and fun to say. Fun-Di-Do. It's like a party in your mouth... That sounds like a bad joke waiting to happen, so I'll stop.

Since I got home I've basically just futzed around on the net, not doing much. I did read the Marvel Zombies comics, which was interesting. Basically all your favorite heros had been transformed into zombies and had eradicated almost all human life on earth. Loads of fun. Zombies and superheroes, two great tastes that taste great together.

I'm also listening to the most recent Ministry album, Rio Grande Blood, which is wonderfully brutal. I recommend Assclown to anyone who isn't a big Bush fan.


NickVNC said...

Happy B-DAY man!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, happy birthday again. May all your birthday wishes & closet homosexual fantasies come true.

Mean it,

eric said...

Thanks guys. And Adam you know that means that we gotta GET IT ON! WOOOOOOO!