Friday, November 10, 2006

pushing past the current possibilities

I feel like ass. It all started last night when I at some chicken and my body rejected it immediately and violently. Unpleasant. Then I wake up a half hour before the alarm because my arm is numb because my melon head is lying right on top of it. By the time I drift back off, it's time for the alarm to go off and I feel like total ass. I debated calling in sick, but decided to tough it out. Work was fairly uneventful and I stayed busy so it went fairly quickly.

Now I'm back to filling ill and tired. I need to get back to walking and eating better, but it's damn hard. I'm gonna try to reinstate it on Sunday, but I may be exhausted from work and distracted by football. We'll see.

I finally finished reading The Prestige, which was pretty good (maybe foot massage, but more likely +1 chainmail). I want to see the movie now, but will probably wait for DVD. It's just easier and less annoying than the theatre. But yeah, the story is pretty good. It's about a feud between to 19th century magicians. It gets a little odd at the end, but that's part of the charm.

I'm now reading Charles Stross' Accelerando which is excellent so far. It's a cyberpunk tale that is a decidely 21st century novel. It keeps pushing new ideas and information at you constantly, like a less sucky MTV dialed up to eleven. Lot of ideas about people becoming "posthuman" which is a concept that fascinates me.

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