Monday, November 13, 2006

Something just isn't right pretty much always

Blarg. I'm in the middle of my weekend and I'm not sure how to fill the time. I need to be doing something other than staring at a screen for hours on end, but what? It's Monday so no one else wants to do anything and I need to not spend a ton of money anyway. I dunno I'm just bored of doing the same old thing. I need more social interaction.

I dunno, I'm just bitching. I suppose I'm a bit jealous that Mike, Nick and Adam flew down to Miami to see the Chiefs-Dolphins game. They're off partying while I'm stuck working. Bah, it's my own fault, I gotta pay my dues now after being slack for so damn long.

I did finish Accelerando and it was good, although the ending kind of dissappointed me. Still well worth the effort (foot massage). Ohh and I finished watching Godard's My Life to Live, which is about a woman who finds herself becoming a prostitute. I can't say I really liked it, it was a series of marginally related scenes and didn't involve me as much as I'd like.

In other news, I got my packet from Hollins University and looked over the requirements for admission. If I do the creative writing program I need to do just that, write creatively, for the application. I also need three letters of recommendation and have no idea who to get to write them. Who knows if my college profs will do it since it's been so long since I was there. The people I worked with at the Bulletin I have either drifted away from or hated from the start. My antisocial nature bites me on the ass once again.

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