Monday, November 06, 2006

subtracts and divides

So it's been a pretty shitty football day for me. Steelers, lose. Caribou, have a tenuous 10 point lead, but have three players left to face on Monday night, including both starting backs. Not good. I was so disheartened by the Steelers' fumblitis that I packed up and went to Kev's where we watched the Colts-Pats game. It seemed like the Pats kept forgetting that their rushing attack was slapping the Colts' D and just decided to pass a lot and lost.

It was cool hanging with Kevin, although I was stunned driving up there. I don't need to be on that road any more than I have to at this point. Too much time to think and let my negative mindset take hold. Still it was worth it to get to hang some. Plus I ended up swiping a bunch of his DVDs to watch.

Speaking of DVDs, I just watched Fugazi's Instrument, which was pretty good. It follows their career with different shows, interviews and whatnot. Interesting stuff for those who want to know more. Fugazi is one of those seminal bands that really affected my world view. They have a different way of looking at things and I'm a better person for having heard it and trying to apply some of it to my life, even if I fall short of the ideal quite often.

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